Counting my blessings.

Home alone today, left with my own thoughts and I could not help but think of how far I have come since the beginning of this pregnancy.

There are so many things I am thankful for and in the past few weeks, it has become important that I count my blessings each day. This act of thanksgiving keeps me sane and very aware of the reality of my blessings.

I’m so thankful:
– that I can sleep through most nights and only waking up once for the toilet on a few occasions

– that I have mastered sleeping on my left which is, apparently good for my blood circulation and for the baby

– that I haven’t constipated since that one nasty incident a couple of weeks ago that had me very miserable in the toilet for two hours

– that l have managed to get most of the baby things sorted out. I am so grateful for this as I feared Timmy will have to manage on his own or ask others for help if I didn’t get discharged from the hospital. I’m so thankful for this Lord. And the fact that everything was done at our own pace without any rush makes me even more grateful.

– that the chest of drawers we purchased for our baby is up. We bought this a few weeks ago and while I am usually not superstitious, I feared the old wives tales and forbade Timmy to fix it. He didn’t understand why and neither did I. The unexpected stay in the hospital and the premature labour scared me and the last thing I wanted was to take the risk. So when I told Timmy to go ahead and fix the chest, my heart leapt with joy. I am so thankful I chose faith over fear. Thank you Jesus.

– that I can wash my baby’s clothing next week. Oct was the month I had set aside to prepare for our baby’s arrival and one of the key things I was looking forward to do, the past three years, is to laundry all the clothes we have been buying for him all these years. Honestly, to have someone else do it for me would have disappointed me. I know I sound ridiculous. After all, l have an entire lifetime to do his laundry. But to do his first set of laundry means so much to me and I wished I knew why. So thank you Jesus for satisfying the desire of my heart.

– that I have had the chance to rest. An additional month of rest. The plan was to work till end Sept but the unexpected incident turned out to be a blessing. Each week, baby is getting bigger which means mummy’s energy is also dipping. To have worked through this may have been a nightmare.

– that we are in week 34 and 6 weeks to holding our champion in our arms and have him in our lives forever. To know we went from nothing to the first trimester smoothly and then to the second trimester and overcoming the preterm labour and now unto the final few weeks leaves me speechless. Indeed you are faithful to your word Jesus; you never leave nor forsake us.

– that I am walking with Jesus. I now know how much I need him in my life and how much He loves me.

– that I now know His word is alive and it’s powerful and it is the truth. Most importantly, His word comforts me, like no other.

I am so grateful. So thankful. I am so blessed.