37 weeks!

Praise The Lord for He is good. Make that awesome!

We turned 37 weeks yesterday baby boy! You are growing mightily well as we saw at Dr Kee’s yesterday. He measured you at 3.2kg to which both Daddy and Mummy exclaimed rather loudly that it was too much weight gain and impossible! And all three of us burst out laughing! I asked Dr Kee to redo the ultra sound another two times and once we saw your weight as 3kg, we said “okay that sounds just about right!”

Daddy and Mummy must be the only parents on earth who don’t want their kid to be heavy! I guess we want the best for you which means to be well and healthy. Your weight gain has been steady since week 30; 200g per week. You are doing well my champion!

And you listen to us too! Just like we told you a week ago to stay warm and cosy in Mummy’s oven while Daddy and l take this week to spend time together before Daddy begins his new job next Monday; you did it and we are so proud of you! We really are!

Mummy can’t help but keep thanking Jesus for choosing us to be your parents! We are so blessed so very blessed to be your parents!

Mummy has stopped the medication that was meant to help prevent premature labour two days ago. We first started by reducing the dosage two weeks ago and finally stopped on Wed. Mummy was nervous the last two weeks wondering if the reduced dosage would have any effect and I had to once again rely on The Word to remember that Jesus is my healer and that he didn’t bring me this far to be a worry wart. Perhaps worrying makes me feel like a better mummy?!

I love your movements now. So real so very real. And I have to tell myself that yes you are real. There is a baby in me. I am not dreaming.

You are very alert and responsive; you move everytime time we stroke or call you. For the first time, Daddy’s mum saw your movement and she was so excited. I have noticed that you hardly move whenever we are visiting her and once we leave her place, we see all your dance moves. So thank you baby boy for making your Grandma happy. She is eagerly looking forward to your arrival!

A few friends have checked in with us to find out if you have arrived and we are so blessed to be able to tell them that you are staying cozy for a while more. Jesus indeed gets all the glory in this pregnancy.

Daddy would like you to stay cozy and warm in Mummy’s oven for another week so that he gets to have his first week at work. Which sounds just about right as we will be 38 weeks next Thursday. We have always been praying for a full term pregnancy and thus looking forward to 21 Nov as your birthday. 21 also means a lot to us; we got married on 21 Sept and Mummy’s birthday is 21 Dec. As you have heard by now, we are singing a different tune now. Primarily because Mummy wants to deliver you with ease and we suspect at full term, you may be too big for Mummy. But we also want to see you already. Like really want to see you!

We have shifted all the things we need for our stay at Mummy’s parents’ home and our hospital bags are packed. Your Chinese name is also settled. I am just left with revising the breathing techniques. Daddy is insisting I do that next week while he is at work.

While we were shifting our necessities to my parents’ place, Mummy was overwhelmed. The reality of you and the change that is ahead of me felt so real. Nervous but excited. Mostly, Mummy feels very blessed to have been given the opportunity to be your mum.

A few weeks ago, during personal time, I came across this verse – God has blessed you above all women, and your child is blessed.

Indeed God has been gracious and full of love towards Mummy.

Keep cozy and warm Baby Boy.

Your number one fan – Mummy.