36 weeks!

Today you are 36 weeks! Both you and l have 4 more alone and special weeks together before Mummy has to share you with everyone else. I’m so ready to see you but I hear the longer you remain in Mummy’s oven, the better it is for you. Mummy chatted with Jesus yesterday morning; thanking him for watching over us and keeping us safe. I also told him that as you are His gift to us, we will go with the date He has already picked as your birthday. Mummy has secretly selected 4 dates that I would like you to be born on and 2 of these dates have biblical meaning that are special. But I have come to know His timing is always perfect for us.

We are almost done with our preparation for your arrival. Your clothes are all washed and boy, do they smell heavenly! We have a few loose ends to tie up next week including transporting our belongings to my parents place and finalizing your Chinese name! Daddy and l are concerned that you may not respond to your name ‘Isaac’ as we always call you by your pet name ‘Bebe’ but we love it too much to stop using it.

We celebrated Deepavali yesterday and you entertained everyone especially my 2 young male cousins with your movements. It was hilarious to see their reactions.

Daddy has another week at home with us before he starts his new job in November. So Mummy is excited thinking of the week ahead. There are places we want to go and food we want to feast on so baby boy, you know what to do! Stay warm in the oven for another week!

Just days ago, Mummy got all emotional thinking of how l was going to miss being pregnant with you. Miss your kicks, stretches, turns and all. I am so going to miss you being inside of me. Even if I do have another child, it will not be the same. It is not you. You have a special place in my heart. My first born. My champion. My gift from god. My very own baby. It all feels like a dream and I tell myself that it is indeed a dream which became alive; thanks to Jesus. Jesus indeed gets all the glory for your birth as Mummy and Daddy didn’t rely on anything else but Him.

As I write this, you are busy moving and it’s past midnight. I wish I had special powers to look inside of me to see you. From time to time, I wonder how you look; who you take after and what’s your personality. Well, I have an entire lifetime to find out.

Daddy has been such a sweetheart the last two months; looking after mummy in every possible way. A week ago, because I was hungry at 6am,
he accompanied me for breakfast at our food centre and thereafter drove us out for McDonalds. Daddy loves us too much and I pray we will both always appreciate and respect him and never to take him for granted.

We are going to be a happy family baby boy! Just like how Jesus watched over Daddy and Mummy when we were dating and then the last 5 years of our marriage, He will continue to watch over us as a family of 3. His love will envelope us and His grace will empower us to live according to His ways.

Love you deep deep baby boy!


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