Counting down.

We have reached 33 weeks. To many, it could be no big deal. But for us baby boy, it is a purely by grace we are here today, with you still in my womb. I know you feel the same way too.

Five weeks ago, on a Tuesday night, we found ourselves in the delivery ward. Mummy made my way to the A&E for what I thought was a minor discomfort caused by a fibroid. As we were almost 28 weeks pregnant then, the attending doctor suggested that I head up to the delivery ward where they will have the necessary equipment to check the cause of pain while they reach our gyne to check on his availability to attend to me.

Mummy honestly didn’t think much of all these till Dr Kee who happened to be at the hospital at the same time for delivery, came around to see me and told me that I was having contractions, five mins apart. Mummy was surprised as I didn’t feel any pain except at the location of the fibroid. Dr Kee had to do a cervix examination to make sure I was not dilated and praise Jesus, Mummy wasn’t. He proceeded to put me on medication to stop the contractions.

For the first time in Mummy’s life, a drip was inserted in my hand and I spent 8 nights in the hospital for observation.

The day I was discharged, 3 Sept, Mummy knew for herself that The Word; God’s Word is alive, it is true and it is mighty!

Mummy has been resting at home since then. I’m sure you knew this too as you would have felt your usually active Mummy hardly move the first few weeks.

It was very uncomfortable for Mummy initially; dealing with fear of premature labour and delivery as well as frustration of the unexpected and unnecessary situation I found myself in and the lost of my freedom. Mummy had to depend on Jesus and His word everyday. Daddy and I partook of the Holy Communion many times a day to remember that He is with us and will not forsake us. Nights were the hardest for me. I was worried something may happen and we will be helpess. When mornings came, I was so grateful. When Thursdays came, I did a victory dance as it meant you are a week older. When Oct came, Mummy was speechless.

We saw you at Dr Kee’s yesterday and you my beloved is doing mighty well. So we have seven more weeks to go, baby boy.

Just seven.

I pray these few weeks go slow and comfortable for us both.

Completely in love with you, baby boy.


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