I missed Sunday!

But thank god, this Monday, l have a chance to rest at home. What was a sore throat turned into flu, complete with nasty phlegm and an even nastier cough that hurts my stomach. I doubt you liked the cough and the weird noises Mummy had to make to get that green monster out of me.

And it all started with a pack of Lays sour cream potato chips Mummy devoured on Tuesday night with Daddy.

After five days, I succumbed to seeing Dr Koh yesterday morning and heard the dreaded word – antibiotics. Mummy’s not a fan of medicine and usually stays away as much as possible and it’s usually a success but now pregnant with you, I try to be wiser. I am feeling a lot better now as evident in the phlegm I spat this morning but damn the cough.

So on a Monday, Mummy is seated at her favorite corner. I have so much to write to you and I don’t even know where to start. Perhaps every time, something crosses my mind, I should write it down here but that just doesn’t seem like the purpose of this space.

Oh we celebrated my daddy’s 60th birthday on 7 Aug at a small cozy cafe and we were surprised when the staff came with a yummy slice of cheesecake. I had only told them about the birthday at the time of arrival so that they could keep the cake we brought in their fridge during our dinner.


So we headed to my grandma’s place after dinner to cut the actual birthday cake!


And two day ago on Sat, we had another dinner celebration with two of Grandpa’s siblings and his mum. Mummy’s grandma initiated this dinner to show her love for her son and she also felt that she may not be around to see another child of hers turn 60. She even bought gorgeous Indian outfits for both grandpa and grandma. And we had another cake!

What a 60th birthday celebration! Three cakes! Perhaps each to celebrate two decades of his life. I can’t wait for you to meet him; to know my daddy and what a wonderful man he is. On his birthday morning, I sent him a birthday text to wish him and to declare that The Lord will bless him with long satisfying life and that he will see you grow and become a man. And l will see this journey my daddy takes with you and be very glad.

Mummy is reminded of this verse > Isaiah 60:5 – Then I will look and be radiant, my heart will throb and swell with joy.

You have grown so much. Your movements are somewhat different compared to just a few weeks ago. Now, you respond to my touch and I can almost feel you. I gather your hearing is fully developed as you respond to your pet name. I sense you understand what I am telling you as well. A few nights ago, Mummy was going to fall asleep and you started to get active. But almost immediately, you slowed down when you heard us tell you that it’s bed time for us and to play in quiet.

With all that you have been the last twenty six weeks – my silent supporter when I was battling fatigue and work in the first trimester, my strong champion during a viral infection that saw me puking bags of vomit and my energizer bunny that allows me to do anything I want despite being pregnant – I love you baby boy.

Mummy will miss being pregnant with you. I hope the days ahead slow down for me to treasure and remember this journey. I doubt anything in life can come close to this. I can’t even articulate what it means to me other than in these mediocre word – magical.

I was reminding Daddy a few days ago that five years ago in 2009, we were preparing for our wedding and our home; all in 9 months. Fast forward to 2014, it feels like déjàvu. 2009 was purely by God’s grace. And nothing has changed in 2014; all by his Grace.



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