It’s Sunday!

Mummy is back at her favourite spot and listening to my favourite music. You listen to it every other night too if I didn’t have a long day at work and Mummy is hoping you will love it as much as I do.

Daddy is still in bed playing with his phone. I usually nag at him to wake up but the realization that he may not have much time to himself once you are here is real so he gets his me-time.

And I kind of like it that it’s just you and me at my favourite spot with soft music in the background.

The pillow on my stomach is moving thanks to your gentle kicks. You should be more than 24 weeks today; I will know the exact details when I visit Dr Kee tomorrow. It has been more than 3 weeks since we saw you and Mummy is hoping you will give me a nice view of your face. You seem to have grown quite a bit if I go by my belly. It feels like a dream to know I went from nothing to you.

Mummy never quite appreciated the fact that I’m a woman. I used to think how troublesome it was when I was much younger. The periods, the label of being the weaker sex, the need to look oneself, the roles of being a wife etc. I always felt man had it better. And I still do.

But today, I see a different light, thanks to you baby boy. If I am not a woman, I will not feel your moves and kicks. I will not be able caress my bulging belly and tell you how much I love you. I will not get to enjoy this unprecedented privilege of pregnancy and eventually motherhood. And I’ll not hear you call me mummy!

So today I sing a different song. Today I’m honored to be a woman. All the thoughts I previously had fails to measure up to the journey I am on and the journey that is ahead.

I can feel the excitement in my heart and ever so often, I catch myself smiling whenever I think of you in my arms. At yesterday’s prenatal class, they taught on breastfeeding and we had a doll baby to play with. How I wished it was you instead. “Soon soon” I told myself.

Mummy still needs these four more months to prepare so let’s not hurry all right darling.

Loving you more every single day, my baby boy.


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