Any other Sunday.

It was normal to think that it would be, any other Sunday. But 16 March wasn’t.

Mummy woke up to pee. Since my usually on-time period was a day late, I decided to prepare my sanitary pad. And oddly, mummy also decided to take out the pregnancy test kit daddy had bought for the previous month but didn’t get a chance to use as the period arrived just mins before daddy came home with the kit.

Mummy sat down on the toilet bowl, looked and there were no stains or spots. I must have contemplated if I should open up the pregnancy kit just in case it goes to waste. I must have also said a prayer. All these must have taken place at lightening speed otherwise the bladder would beat me to it.

Mummy must have felt pretty bold that Sunday morning for l tore that kit open and quickly glanced through the instructions. I must have done this at least four times in my entire life. But neither had much courage nor confidence to do so in the last three years; perhaps once or twice if l remember correctly.

So mummy did as the kit instructed and laid it to rest on the toilet counter. I watched the window on the kit as if it was the gate to my future. I kept comparing what I saw to the pictures on the kit, to make sure I interpreted the results correctly. Mummy wasn’t particularly an ace in experiments and science in school as you can guess.

I called for daddy; actually yelled for him. He, who was asleep throughout my experiment, joined me at our toilet counter. And together, we saw our future; in a tiny window on a nondescript pregnancy kit.


Predictably, dear daddy needed to check the instructions on the kit just to make sure mummy was accurate in the interpretation. Like hello!

We hugged and hugged and laughed and hugged more.

That Sunday afternoon, in church, my heart overflowing with joy, I praised Him. Though it was just the beginning of the journey, I could see Him with us all the way.

Many Sundays later, sitting at my favourite spot at home; where I can see the word ‘hope’ hanging carefully on the TV and the beautiful clouds through the living room windows; mummy is feeling so blessed.

So blessed that I took this journey with Jesus. So blessed that He gave me the strength to trust Him. So blessed that I believed in Him and that He was more than sufficient. So blessed that I stopped condemning myself for my past and for not trying hard enough for you; like other mummies. So blessed that Daddy never rushed me or us. So blessed that this took time; time that may seem too long for others and even to me, at times. So blessed that I didn’t give up on Jesus or me or my body. Just so blessed. And so blessed to have you.

Another 15 more Sundays before you join me at my favorite spot at home. Love you baby boy.

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