a Sunday morning.

I have tasked daddy to make breakfast so that I can lie in bed and watch you move in my belly. I see my belly somewhat shiver and move up and down. I wonder what you are doing in there, baby boy.

You are one active boy and mummy hasn’t quite figured out your schedule.
There are days where you are active all day long and then days, I hardly feel you till night comes.

I call you sometimes just to make sure you are okay and at times, you respond by moving and that makes me feel, so loved, by you. If I can add, you are a real champion for making your presence felt much sooner; at sixteen weeks or so.

Two days ago, we went for our 21st week gyne visit and Dr Kee showed us a 3D pic of you but it was distorted due to your activeness. You are doing mighty well; weighing almost 500g. The report from the fetal abnormality test was out and bless The Lord that He has made you wonderful and perfect.

We have less than 20 weeks to go before we meet for the first time. This is a date I am so looking forward to and I hope, you are too. Mummy will try to be as lady-like as possible and baby boy, pls be a gentleman.

I never knew I could like someone I have never met before. But boy, am l in love.


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