in the morning while he was working in the living room and I was preparing lunch:

he : sq having 2 to go to Korea offer now.

i : travel by when lei?

he : may.

i : sounds good but too soon to book. Need to see if Ck’s internship schedule will work with the offer.

past midnight and in bed; waiting for sleepy monster to hit us:

i : dear, I miss hua hin (an island three hours away from Bangkok; a trip we took last July).

he : we can go on our anniversary lo.

i : sure or not?!

he : can lo. u want to stay at the same hotel?

i : I don’t mind! I loved the hotel, the pool and all! Yippee so happy! But then, we should go new places right? Maybe can go borracay?

he : hmmmm maybe. But I not familiar with borracay.

i : that’s the whole idea. Something new to discover.


he : hmmmm actually I don’t really want to go to Korea. I’m not sure if it’s a place worth visiting and if it’s our kind of place.

i : me too. If not Korea, then where lei? Where we go this year?

he : ck how? Will she be disappointed?

i : I don’t know if she can have a holiday actually coz it seems like her internship starts during her holidays. So let’s see.

he : okay.

i : so amongst all the places we been to so far, which has been the most memorable trip with me? I think it’s hua hin for me. No itinerary no rush. Hong Kong was not bad also I think we walked and walked and saw many things. You lei?


he : hmmmmmmm .. New York for me. Furthest we have been and a place we both enjoyed. The snow and all!


i : oh yes I forgot New York! wow that was a miracle trip! Can’t believe it happened. No idea how we funded the trip!

He points to the ceiling and I understood he was referring to Jesus.

i : so in your lifetime thus far, which has been your most memorable trip? all my trips are memorable and have something to remember with a smile.

he : perth. It was like a spiritual trip I took with Jesus. I still remember the valley of the giants and how I felt like I was in the valley yet Jesus is with me.

i : hmmmmm.

he : by the time I took that trip, I honestly had given up. I knew I could not with my own hands and that only he could.


i : so this year we go where lei. I wonder where Jesus will bring us!

he : Tokyo! All the research I have done have not being used lei.

i : hahahahha oh yes! We almost went last year. So when you think you can go? Your project launch when?

he : think by April project should be live. Maybe can go in may then can avoid kids and families on school holidays.

i : okay can.

Tokyo or Korea or no where, I don’t want to travel with anyone but him.

And I just about remembered our honeymoon to isreal. How come it didn’t come up as our most memorable trip!?

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