The Cross.


The idea of wearing a cross has crossed my mind plenty of times but the perceived responsibility of doing so kept me away. No one would tell that I’m a Christian just by looking at me. But if i parade a cross across my chest, I’ll have to watch what I say and do and perhaps even what I wear, so I thought.

Weeks ago, I told Timmy that I would like a cross for Xmas. Then days later, I told him I would like a poster on marriage that we have both seen while shopping.

I forgot those conversations. And so he did, I thought.

When I woke up on my birthday morning, he handed me a blue box while we were still in bed and my heart skipped a beat. It has been a while since I received a present proper from him. I started giggling and so did he. I inspected the tiny blue box and realized that it was Tiffany’s and I giggled more; just like any other girl.

This is my first Tiffany’s. I have never been a sucker for brands and jewellery but I could not help but be so excited that I surprised myself.

I asked him if he was going to propose, again. He laughed.

I opened my 34th birthday present from my dearest to find the prettiest shiniest gift of all times! And I felt The Lord wink at me, once again.

I don’t have it all together. I’m still growing and learning. Yes there are times, my words and actions are inappropriate and unnecesary. There are times when I should just listen and not talk. Many times, my thoughts should not be articulated. Sometimes, I should not give in to peer pressure, especially in my thirties I should know certain things are not as cool as they look.

Timmy helped me to put on my gift, just like how he helped me to know Jesus.

Till this very moment, I can’t help but smile knowing that I’m wearing a cross. Do I feel the burden of wearing the cross? I haven’t. In fact, I feel so blessed and honored l can wear one.

I’m so excited about my 34th year! I’m thrilled about the year that is ahead of me and the plans The Lord has for me!