My vision.

2 nights ago, I chanced upon Pastor John Gray’s wife’s Instagram and read in one of her posts that she went from 0 kids to 2 kids in just a year 2012-2013. I felt The Lord wink at me and fell asleep happy.

Yesterday morning while Timmy was out running errands, I had time to do my own stuff. Was led to watch a sermon preached by Pastor Lisa just days before at Lakewood Church.

She spoke about how distractions distract us from our destiny. One of the distractions she said was a lack of vision.

She shared how many years ago, she was struggling to conceive and she had to repeatedly imagine herself pregnant and with children. She declared God’s words about children over her and her husband. Her vision – children – kept her going. Some eight years later, she had twins and then another child. With faith and patience, she saw God’s promises comes to pass.

Many times and even recently, I thought about my vision. Children and family kept stirring in my heart but I didn’t acknowledge it. Fear crippled me. The unknown stopped me. I didn’t dare imagine lest I be disappointed.

I am happy and contented with who and what I have. My life thus far, especially in the last five years have been blessed. So blessed that sometimes I need to pinch myself.

Yesterday, my vision confronted me. It had enough of being pushed away. It wants to be acknowledged. It wants to be real.


To God Be The Glory.