She has been cleaning my home for two years now. Vacum, mop, wash, wipe. She has seen the dirt and the dust.

We have become quite friendly and I hear about her boyfriend, family, work and everything else she manages to tell me in the 3.5hrs she spends at my place twice a month.

I haven’t used any other help since she came along and I successfully convinced myself that her work is fine though I could always find areas for improvement – soap stains on wall, dust under the bed etc.

But I know no one can clean like the owner so if I don’t want to, I shouldn’t expect an outsider to do so.

She is now back in Myanmar for holidays and engagement party. She is getting married early next year.

Someone came along on the weekend to help. And I noticed how much cleaner everything looked. My favorite part – she was focused. She hardly spoke unless it was initiated by me.

Timmy reminded me that people impress at first date but may disappoint after the 10th. Fair enough.

Eventually Snow will stop helping me; once she is married.

So do I say goodbye and thank you Snow for the last 2 years NOW or later?