an awesome combination.

earlier this year, over steaming dinner, my friend shared that she has decided to go for IVF. i tried my best to discourage her from going down this potentially painful, miserable and expensive route. her mind, however, was made up, given that she had tried everything which included TCM, temperature monitoring, vitamins, massage etc plus she had spare money and her boss/friend had just conceived via IFV.

she had been tossing with this idea for a while and mustered the necessary courage to go for it when she chanced upon a testimonial of a couple in church conceiving via IVF after years of trying. she saw it as a sign from the lord to go for it and i reminded myself that the lord can come to our level of faith.

she is now in her second trimester and by Chinese New Year 2014, she would have her miracle baby in her arms. she had success in her first attempt at IVF which is truly a miracle as we have both heard horror stories. her pregnancy so far has been smooth. she showed me some scans of her baby; made me tear a little.

i am happy for my friend. she tried everything she possibly could at becoming a mother and now she has the last laugh; not the enemy.

i went from being worried to envy to awe. worried initially for the process, envy when she shared the good news with our common friends and then i was in awe of her bravery and commitment to motherhood.

i have not done any of what she has attempted and from time to time, i question my own commitment.

i am very comfortable with us which makes me wonder if 3 will be an odd number. but there are times, when i look at us and i imagine 3 to be a winning combination.

an awesome combination.


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