what is the alternative?

someone asked me recently how has freelancing being? is it good? is it better than working full time?

it made me reflect on my journey thus far as i did my best to paint an accurate picture. i didn’t want to glorify it lest she decides based on my experience. because truth be told, there are downsides to this type of work – not being able to see things from start to end, lack of ownership and little growth are some of the things that bothers me from time to time, if i give it time.

but at the same time, i look at what i have gained from this journey – the opportunity to work on different brands with different people, learning to adapt to different processes, time to breathe and live in-between gigs, being able to appreciate the chance to work and contribute – completely nulls the downsides. most importantly, i am happy. frustration doesn’t last longer than it should. i get over lack of leadership, indifference and inefficiencies a lot quicker.

the pity though is some who hire me haven’t quite figured out how best to utilize me and i myself haven’t quite figured out how best i should exploit me.

in a tiny corner of my head and perhaps even heart, i wonder what i want to do next when i am finally done with this type of work or even lifestyle. it has been three years with 6 months of it spent on full time administration. if there is a kid now, i wonder if it would make sense. but there is happy me and that makes sense to me, only.

a friend recently shared that he lives life by reasoning – what is the alternative? i walked away from the conversation wanting to apply that to my life and recently had the chance to do so – do i accept the extension of the current gig? what is the alternative to that – not work and use up the tiny stack of fifty dollars i have managed to save from the last gig.

that was easy wasn’t it?

but the question now really is, what is the alternative to these freelance gigs?


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