lesson from the rain.

I thought I could beat the rain if I picked up speed.

I had to take shelter for fifteen mins or so. There had to be a lesson in that waiting.

As I was contemplating if I should walk in the downpour that is slowly turning into a drizzle, I saw an elderly man starting to walk. Without a umbrella or some form of protection.

And I looked at my feet that wasn’t going to move till it was pretty sure it wouldn’t get wet. But I envied the man who was feeling the rain on his face, who didn’t care that his shoes were getting drenched in the puddles of water the rain had created everywhere. He wasn’t held captive by his environment. I smelled freedom.

Then I saw another; walking with newspapers over his head. Some form of protection he must have thought but I didn’t quite agree.

I looked at my feet and it was starting to tap; perhaps hoping that I will take the lead to move.

I felt the drizzle on my face. My feet wet with water. My heart smiled. I felt light. And I saw my destination less than thirty wet steps away.

There are some of us who will just do it. Because if you don’t, you are not going to learn or grow or move. It doesn’t matter if you get dirty and wet. The point is you do it. You move. You take the first step. Nothing is going to stop you; not even the rain.

Then there are some of us who like neither wet or dirt. We don’t like taking chances. We want clear and beautiful skies all day. We need to know we are going to be a-okay. We need to know that our next move is not going to land us in a puddle of water. But we are aching to move. A change we need.

Most of us are a bit of both. Our reaction depends on the situation. But we do know we need the rain to keep us in balance. Refreshing and maybe even necessary.

Either way, your destination is waiting.