simple and nice!

was the theme of my long weekend! Praise God!

Friday saw us sleeping much longer than usual, spending more time in the shower, simple and unhurried lunch at a nearby mall, awesome picnic at the Botanical Gardens with my two precious ones, a leisurely walk through Ikea where the little one pointed out to all the things she wanted in her room and finally local delights at Holland Village!




Then the usual weekend arrived where a quarter of Saturday saw me housekeeping and the evening was spent at Granny’s baking simple biscuits for our upcoming new year! Wish I had taken a shot of us kneading and moulding!


As I savour the rest of the remaining long weekend, l am so overwhelmed with how the simplicity of a holiday with loved ones is more than sufficient.

My heart is so full of thanksgiving for all that I got to enjoy this weekend.

Perhaps this is a reminder of what I have always wanted in my life since a few years ago – simplicity and peace.

I hope to be reminded everyday of this as I seem to have forgotten in the last few months.


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