And while he is down under!

I had the privilege of spending the weekend with my little one who wraps up her seven-week break this weekend! How perfect the timing!

We shopped for a new pair of footwear for the new semester, had our favourite ayam penyat which was too much for our stomachs but she still took away a slice of pizza from sarpino’s for supper, painted her nails in a sweet red to match the highlights she had quietly introduced to her dark brown hair (I’m tempted too!), scrubbed and masque-ed her face and we chatted freely on a variety of topics – she wants to go down under for a holiday, she wants to work for six months and travel for six and then work for six (what the?!), university, her lecturers for the new semester, how she was bored the night before and so googled on directions to Jurong from our parents place (what?!), how she now knows why Australia is called down under and her 18th birthday which is five months away.

18th birthday? Just not too long ago, I saw her sleeping soundly, all wrapped up in a pink swaddle. Soft and Nice. I think l fell in love for the very first time in my life.

The rain has just started and the breeze feels so soft and nice on my neck.


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