is the first day of a new chapter for me. nervous, worried, scared are only some of the words that best describe how I am feeling right now as I write this. but at the same time, as I look around me, I see the familiarity, the stability and I feel like this is a stepping stone to something bigger. perhaps this should have happened two years ago when I quit full time but it will officially happen in August.

though the plan was to walk away because I didn’t want to compromise the quality of life and the freedom I have, I couldn’t find the answer NO. I heard myself say YES as I thought about the regular working hours in a familiar and comfortable working environment and a steady income. though this means I’ll earn half of what I am getting now as a freelancer, the newness and buzz of working on different accounts as I move from agency to agency and especially, the breaks i get in between my assignments.

once again I feel like I’m giving up. I feel like I have lost my head. But i ask myself if He didn’t shut the door but held it open for me while I pondered, this could be, for something bigger. All I need is to trust in His faithfulness and His plans for me and be patient.

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