Day 26.



I’m four days away from completing the 30-day plan!

So close.


this is it.



or isn’t it?

Didn’t think this is how far I would come when I was in school and figured this will be work for me.

Feels like I could have gone a bit further if I plotted my way. But plotting ain’t my way.

So I’m sad yet at peace.

Perhaps one day they will all come together and make sense.

Perhaps they won’t.

One thing for sure, bring it on!




this is what 10kg, 6 years and Timmy did to me!

Though I’m in a much happier, peaceful and secured place, I really don’t mind giving away half of my 10KG!

Spring cleaning of my wardrobe today saw me throwing out alot of clothes! But I have stubbornly kept some impossible ones coz Timmy promised to date me soon so that I can wear them out before the next spring cleaning!