a conversation.

me: bobo showered already!!!
he: okay good gal.
(now this part of the conversation is typical on the nights i shower.)

me: bobo good gal right??!!
he: yes bobo good gal.
me: so good gal deserves good things?
he: yes?
me: so bobo is good gal right?
he: yes?
me: so the 1919 is a good thing right!!???
he: that one not so good thing la.
me: huh?? can you define what is a good thing then??

(tv sound comes back!)

so me who thinks i am a good gal wants a good thing and nope i am not talking about a baby here! i am talking about this lovely 1919 black and white apartment which is launching soon!

its going to cost money that we don’t have. so all this good gal can do for now is to enjoy her 1119.


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