with my favourite traffic and media colleague!


with chloe on my right and with agnes and poh on my left!

these were taken at my ex-agency’s D&D trip to Vietnam in 2007 and just got hold of them yesterday!

cant help but marvel at my slim and gorgeous face! what happened? timmy happened.

i am excited and feeling very blessed for the opportunity to go on the next company trip in a week’s time with the same agency. as a freelancer, there is no reason for me to enjoy such benefits but as a child of God, i am blessed.

i just need to remember all these blessings that come my way and not be like a spoilt child who seems to only care about one big lollipop. right from the start, i chose the way i want it to be and i am not going to change my mind or heart. i cant handle obsession.

oh and this morning while i was having my morning fix with jesus, as always, i thanked for his peace and joy which has been my mega-vitamin for a while now and the only one that works i must say with no harmful side-effects and suddenly a huge smile broke out inside of me. i told myself that i will call my daughter JOY! even before we got married, timmy and l chose Zoe for girl and Zachary for boy. now i need to think of the boy’s name. Isaac frequently visits me. I like the story on how he was conceived and especially the part where it says “And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.”

Joy and Isaac sounds so real to me now as i type this. i cant wait for the morning where i say “thank you jesus for the JOY who is in me!”

i dont understand how i went from talking about my awesome slim face to Joy and Isaac. i am not obsessed. maybe just slightly infatuated with the idea of having cute kids.


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