love letter

I started writing little things that spoke to me through devotionals, articles, songs, sermons and the bible in a diary last year. And I have a little diary that is now worth a million dollars. To know that I am being loved and encouraged through this effortless but priceless activity almost every night, this year has seen me doing this as well.

And a few nights ago when I was down and dry, I opened up my notebook. As I read what was on this page, I could not help but feel as though I was reading a love letter from Jesus.


A mighty wave of peace fell upon me. And I remembered that I am a tree planted by the rivers of refreshing waters and will not fear when heat comes.

I terminated my assignment. Yesterday was my last day. It has only been three weeks. What could have possibly become a permanent employment ended abruptly. I am still surprised that I walked away.

We had different notes from the same meeting that we attended two weeks ago. As always, I actioned on the next steps and there was also no red flag from the client to alert that I missed out on certain things.

But on Tuesday when the opportunity to compare notes came up, it seemed like I missed out on important things. While it could have been quickly resolved, I could not take the tone that was used on me. It was rude and insulting and in my humble opinion, completely unnecessary.

While I have seen that same tone used on others in the previous weeks, I didn’t imagine I would have first hand experience.

So I said I’m leaving. If I’m not understanding the meeting, I’ll not be able to help the team. And it defeats the purpose of engaging me, a freelancer, to help. I’m not going to allow myself to be a hindrance and get paid for it.

While there was affirmation that I have been doing a great job and that I should not let one incident tip me over, I couldn’t get over that tone.

As I write this, I’m glad that there is neither regret nor bitterness in me. I just hope they find the right help and she finds a way to manage her emotions. As she shared bits of her life at my farewell lunch yesterday, I know she is a nice and lovely lady. I’m glad we got a chance to hug and wish one another well.

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