feels good …

when you come home after a long day at work and there is food on the table. this was something I terribly missed when I got married and moved out. sure there are plenty of food options for Singaporeans but nothing beats home cooked food. while my mum isn’t exactly fantastic in this area, it was always nice to come home to food.

friday dinners are usually hawker fare with Timmy’s parents as his mum hardly cooks when school is on. So when Timmy told me his mum had prepared dinner, I was nicely surprised and wished I was at the dinner table.

but of all the places I could have been on a Friday night, I was at my work desk, trying to fix a PowerPoint presentation. Trying to guess what the boss wants after she freaked out seeing the 1st draft.

Don’t people communicate their expectations anymore? Wouldn’t your right hand person be able to advise on your standards and expectations after seeing the draft so that time and effort is not wasted?

after yesterday’s incident, I guess not. But of course this is just one incident and I should not conclude anything that is biased and unfair.

But I could not help feeling thankful that this is just an assignment and will end in a month. Moments like this make feel that to continue in this industry, freelancing is the best option. Besides the opportunity of working on various accounts with different people at different places, it allows me to always move on without quitting. Packing up after the assignment is just so different from quitting. With packing comes the feeling of accomplishment while with quitting, the feeling is awful.

So I came home to home cooked food last night. Timmy and his mum had packed my portion is a nice little tiffin carrier.

And I felt like I was the most blessed person in the entire world!


Thank you Jesus!


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