anti – time difference.

this is my first week at my first assignment for this brand new year. an assignment which needed my help late last year but only started this week. during the month long wait, i got restless and thought this may not actually materialize and that got me slightly worried. which was obviously totally unnecessary. but the delay in a strange way was worth it. i had a wonderful two months break and the finale was in gorgeous bangkok with my family and timmy.

so this being the first week, typically is slow. but i know that things will pick up soon. without much to do, i was tasked to fix a conference call with a client. everything was easy peasy till we got on the call and while waiting for the client to dial in, i had a flash of brilliance.

“if the client asked to do the call at 1230 would that be 1230 his time which is indonesian time and that means 130 our time?” i have no explaination for my sudden brilliance or stupidity as you will soon realize.

we got off the call and i wrote to the client highlighting the time difference and was getting ready for lunch when an email came through from the client.

“i was waiting on the con bridge but no-one was there. Our break from the conference is almost finished now so we’ll need to try again.”

and at that point, i just wished the ground would swallow me up. then the team realized that the client wasnt in indonesia but in hongkong hence NO TIME DIFFERENCE.

i carried on with lunch as i didnt have the client’s handphone number to contact him immediately. and throughout lunch, i could not help but feel stupid. i havent had much to do since i got here and then when i got tasked to do something so tiny, a major screw up.

naturally i apologized and all is well and good.

but the self condemnation and bashing takes a while.

there are three (including me) in this team and two of them will be away the first half of next week. and i dont have the overall view of how all the various projects work together and processes etc.

so its gonna be one interesting week ahead and assignment.

but for now, i have half of a friday and a wonderful weekend.

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