on a gorgeous Tuesday ..

i saw the clouds dancing to the rhythm of the heavenly sounds; displaying an awesome feast for my eyes, for my heart, for my soul!


And these precious words were heard as I let the gentle breeze caress my skin:

Wear the crown of sonship. Put on the armour of righteousness. Slip on the shoes of faith and Lift the sword of victory!



first fruit of 2012.

Everything since last week has been about His love and His forgiveness.

First it was me asking Jesus to teach me to forgive the situation that had caused me to quit on my assignment before it was completed. There were twenty good reasons encouraging my anger towards the situation and the person involved.

Then yesterday it was timmy’s turn. The past year has been challenging for him work wise. A boss whom he couldn’t see eye to eye with and agendas that didn’t give him peace. The frustration accumulated and caused him to dislike his boss very much. Yesterday was the finale. Yesterday was the day he gave up. Or so he thought.

When he heard the words that Jesus spoke through me, he knew in his heart that he is a victor and not a victim. And as I shared my experience of forgiving with him, the peace of Jesus melted his frustration and disappointment. He let go of what was brewing in his heart for so long and he asked Jesus to teach him to forgive.

And as I gave sound to the words that were coming out of me, we both heard loud and clear that Timmy has accomplished what he was sent to do. We both believe that his boss will feel the love of Jesus through Timmy and he will never ever again treat anyone in a manner they don’t deserve and he will be righteous in all his ways.

This morning Timmy handed his letter to his boss. Unlike other times, this was a letter of victory. Unlike other man, he has asked for forgiveness for not being able to see eye to eye.

And I hear my father in heaven saying right now “these are my beloved children in whom I am so well pleased.”

This is our very first fruit for this year. And it is the love of Jesus that bore this fruit in our life. The fruit of forgiving. The fruit of forgiveness.

I have one person to thank and that is my pastor. In my anger last week, I had randomly listened to one of his sermons and I heard him quote what Jesus said to his father when he was all broken and bloodied and hanging on the lonely cross for the world to see – And Jesus prayed, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This prayer of Jesus set me free. I knew then that people do not know what they do to us. They were just instruments used by the evil one in his plot against us.

And my reading in today’s chapter of the 100 days of favour sums up these two weeks:


We love because He first loved us.
We forgive because He first forgave us.

With all He has done, this is my humble praise:
A man went to the cross
To die my death.
He did what no other man will do.
With his arms wide stretched,
He gave it all up
For me.
This is love.
Love that is willing.
Love that is able.
Love that is pure.
Love that is forgiving.
Love that never leaves nor forsakes.
This is the love of my life.
And in his love I live.

first love!

we sang the chorus of this song last night at servers’ meeting and the words were so meaningful and full of love and humility!

once I got home, I frantically searched for the song and listened to the entire song. No idea who Petra is. They seem to be a band from the sixties or even seventies. The melody to the song was really old school but if you look past it and read the words, it is so magical and uplifting! I listened and listened and listened. And could not stop myself from writing the lyrics in my book!


I just love the chorus!

And I know if my heart wavers, my loving saviour will woo me back! My first love! MY FIRST LOVE! I want my heart to stay so true! Jesus you will always be MY FIRST LOVE!


love letter

I started writing little things that spoke to me through devotionals, articles, songs, sermons and the bible in a diary last year. And I have a little diary that is now worth a million dollars. To know that I am being loved and encouraged through this effortless but priceless activity almost every night, this year has seen me doing this as well.

And a few nights ago when I was down and dry, I opened up my notebook. As I read what was on this page, I could not help but feel as though I was reading a love letter from Jesus.


A mighty wave of peace fell upon me. And I remembered that I am a tree planted by the rivers of refreshing waters and will not fear when heat comes.

I terminated my assignment. Yesterday was my last day. It has only been three weeks. What could have possibly become a permanent employment ended abruptly. I am still surprised that I walked away.

We had different notes from the same meeting that we attended two weeks ago. As always, I actioned on the next steps and there was also no red flag from the client to alert that I missed out on certain things.

But on Tuesday when the opportunity to compare notes came up, it seemed like I missed out on important things. While it could have been quickly resolved, I could not take the tone that was used on me. It was rude and insulting and in my humble opinion, completely unnecessary.

While I have seen that same tone used on others in the previous weeks, I didn’t imagine I would have first hand experience.

So I said I’m leaving. If I’m not understanding the meeting, I’ll not be able to help the team. And it defeats the purpose of engaging me, a freelancer, to help. I’m not going to allow myself to be a hindrance and get paid for it.

While there was affirmation that I have been doing a great job and that I should not let one incident tip me over, I couldn’t get over that tone.

As I write this, I’m glad that there is neither regret nor bitterness in me. I just hope they find the right help and she finds a way to manage her emotions. As she shared bits of her life at my farewell lunch yesterday, I know she is a nice and lovely lady. I’m glad we got a chance to hug and wish one another well.


this song has been on CBN for a while now and so I get to listen to it at least once a day! And I simply love the chorus though I wasn’t quite sure of all the words. I found the lyrics earlier in the week and I felt like I found a million dollars! Simply gorgeous!

Just keeping still and watching the video and reflecting on the lyrics especially the chorus is simply divine. You see the cross in front of you and you feel Him loving you.

Jesus Christ
You bled your love, laid down yourself and gave me life
In naked shame you hung and you were lifted high
Here I lay in awe and wonder
I am afraid
For no one ever sacrificed and loved me this way

Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. Just repeating his mighty and lovely name is more than enough. It’s worship and praise in its self.

sixty cents?!

In Singapore, you can’t do many things with just sixty cents I thought. But I thought wrong.

This beauty is only sixty cents. I thought I heard the florist say one sixty but she returned the dollar.


Isn’t she just pretty?! She made me smile when I found her in a bucket of many other flowers. I looked around for awhile just in case there was something better but there wasn’t. She made me smile and nothing could be better.

The peace in my heart. The praise on my lips. The beauty I am beholding. Just you and you alone be the centre of my life. Thank you Jesus!