on the second day of new year…

it was about time for 2011’s calendar to come down. it was time to say again “thanks for being an awesome year and goodbye and I need to look forward to another 12 months of blessings!”

But when you have a calendar that has Jesus’s words on them, it is hard to throw it away. So they became this:


and the best part is that they are on a part of our home which was set apart for our mustard seed! As I stepped back and looked at the wall, I felt in my heart that mustard seed will no longer be a wish this year. He shall be and HE will this year.


just before i worked on the calendar, i was looking at the notes i took during service yesterday. i stared and stared and stared at Jeremiah 17:7-8 and committed them to memory and then suddenly i told Timmy that we should write our favorite bible verses on the wall. and so I have just started …

Big or small, little or much, strong or weak, old or young, Jesus is for us ALL.

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