a miracle!


that’s me and pathi sharing a delicious lunch at samy’s at Dempsey just after Xmas service!

i would have never imagined inviting pathi to any of my church service as it isn’t held in Tamil and i wasn’t optimistic that she will come as i imagined hearing one of these – not well, too many people, i dont understand bla bla!

but i felt it in my heart to ask and she said okay! So on a wet Xmas morning we made our way to the indoor stadium where the Xmas service was held but only to be asked to go to another venue at Suntec as the stadium was overflowing. Honestly i was disappointed as i wanted very much for pathi to experience the grand-ness of Jesus! It would truly have been an experience like no other for her.

She did however manage to catch that awesomeness on the screen when the camera panned the stadium.

The best part was that the sermon was just about to start as we sat down. Though pathi didn’t understand anything that was said, timmy and i believe that Jesus has a way where man knows no way. We believe that He has touched her heart and her spirit.

If i thought that for pathi to see and experience the service in the stadium would have been grand, i have to say that me standing up with her in prayer in my church must be the highlight of this year.

For all the million times she would have prayed for me in the temples, i felt like i brought her home.

Home where my Jesus is. Home where Jesus will meet her every need. Home where Jesus will put strength in her body. Home where Jesus will put joy in her heart. Home where Jesus will
restore the lost years. Home where Jesus will mend the broken relationships. Home where Jesus will bless her with an alert and sharp mind. Home where Jesus fulfills her every wish. Home where Jesus is.

Truly a miracle.

To say I walked in His goodness this year seems so inadequate.

Jesus, what do I say or do lord? For you have done exceedingly abundantly above all that I can ever think or ask.

Lord, may your precious name reign! Amen!

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