normally …


when I see messages like this, I worry something bad is going to happen. but not today. today I filled in the missing words instead of letting my thoughts go down south. I focused on Him, the truth.

He speaks through pain to HEAL and RESTORE.

He is heard in the darkness to GUIDE and LEAD.

He speaks even more distinctly through tragedy to LOVE and BLESS.

what are you filling the blanks with?

on the way home today, I thought about how people come to know god. it could have been in school, through friends, because of marriage, as a result of something bad etc etc. so many ways. and then it hit me that even before we knew we existed, He knew us. even before our parents found out about us, He has already seen our entire life. and I felt a million goosebumps.

God is good. Receive his love.

in proverbs 31, it says that her lamp goes not out but it burns on continually though the night. my light will burn forever because i’m following Jesus, the light of the world.

as i read proverbs 31:18 over and over and over again, i feel myself strengthening. His peace is embracing me. He is loving me. His hands are stretched forth towards me. and I’m grabbing them as I start nov.


and Jesus just knows how to put the icing on the cake:


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