just different.



my grandma gave me two tea cups last Sunday. one for me and another for Timmy. must have been old sets but still pretty. i decided to have my earl grey in it and i must say it’s different. drinking from this tea cup is just different. holding it by it’s skinny handle felt so sophisticated. the tea tasted just better.

and i feel so much better now than i did when i wrote this https://kaviithakumar.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/overwhelmed/ which was only two hours ago. a very hot shower, a cup of tea, a prayer and Chris Tomlin worship songs are all i needed to get my bearing right again.

“be still. there is a healer. his love is deeper than the sea. his mercy is unfailing. his arms a fortress for the weak. let faith arise. I lift my hands to believe again.”



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