saturday morning thought.

been lazying in bed for the last one hour. should be up n get the weekend going. but with Timmy at his Chinese proficiency test and tons to clear/put away/laundry before the new helper comes at two pm, there isn’t really anything exciting to make me jump out of bed now or an hour ago.

so I stumbled upon an christian movie preview – seven days in utopia. not sure when or if it will open in Singapore coz it opened in states on 1 sept. but we have been watching tons via iTunes so there isn’t a way to miss it if it has already screened in singapore.

before I forget the reason for this post; my random thought this morning was/is how great it will be if I could act in a christian movie. one that glorifies Jesus and demonstrates his immense love for us. one that impacts people all over the world regardless of race and religion. one that reveals his faithfulness and kindness. one that teaches grace and humility. i really want to be part of something big for Jesus.

so that is my random Saturday thought!

and I should get going… half past nine already!

and I am liking the greens here:


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