september excitement.

september is here.we are excited.we are going to try for a baby this month.the last four months have been ‘unsuccessful’ for 3 reasons – lazy/no mood/iphone,didn’t strike and UTI.

last month was a waste.we got excited when august arrived and decided to be hardworking; esp since we were not on the ball in july though we were in Krabi during the ovulating week. my break from work coincided with the week that i was ovulating and i thought how perfect.but annoying UTI attacked me and the last thing i wanted to do was to do the deed.

I remember my visit to the doc where i shared with him that i was ovulating according to an iphone app and wondered if i should continue getting laid or give it a pass.he was dumbfounded and after a long silence,he suggested i skip though he gave me baby-friendly medicine just in case we got lucky on that one night.of course we were not so powerful.

but we are full of faith and hope.we have excited ourselves again just by talking about the kid and what we will do and not do with him.and a zillion pictures of newborns on both our facebooks don’t quite help.i promise not to post any baby pics on my Facebook!

till today,i do go back and forth on wanting a kid.4 days a week i want to be a mum and 3 days a week i don’t.if there was a way to have a kid without going through THE PAIN,i will be first in the queue.from time to time,i keep asking timmy if he is serious about the kid and sharing that perhaps we should just adopt or give parenthood a miss.he tells me the same thing – NO CANNOT.we must have a kid;our own easy for him to say i think. mental note to myself – bully timmy a million times more when i am pregnant.

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