swollen annie.

my little sis sprained her finger in school.it’s swollen and painful.she said she is jinxed and I told her she is blessed because it could have been a lot worse like a broken bone that needs an operation.I doubt she can see the blessing in this but at least I tried.

i told her to give her finger a name and she said I’m mad!so I decided I will,on her behalf,and so its called Swollen Annie!don’t ask me why Annie.

today is the last day of my two weeks break.I finished my assignment two weeks ago and left the agency despite being asked to stay.I enjoyed what I did and didn’t want the new client that I was working on to spoil my show.

how could anyone appoint an agency based on the concept they brought to the table and thereafter keep finding fault with it?how could the decision maker not want to meet the agency to discuss the issues but leave it to a newbie and a slacker to manage a campaign that’s worth a million bucks?most importantly,I feel that the campaign and what the organization aims to do doesn’t make sense.the government spends tons of millions to build casinos etc AND then spend another million to tell people not to gamble!or rather they say ‘not to excessively gamble and be addicted to gambling.’ it’s a waste of tax payers money.

so I left without a new assignment on hand.I reached out to those who wanted help from me previously when I was still on assignment but as expected,it was a ‘let me come back to you’ reply.but the past year has taught me well – rely on god – and within days into my break,someone had something for me.someone whom I never met before.someone who heard about me from someone whom I don’t know.I think its Jesus.with him,everything is effortless.

so I start next week!by the time I’m done,it will be December and I’m gonna treat myself to a month long break!