my Jesus lives!

once upon a time, a long time ago, He saw me and He knew He had to sacrifice Himself. To save me from all the things that will happen to me.

with wounds on His body and blood dripping to the cold hard ground, He breathed His last knowing that He has saved and redeemed me.

His sacrifice was so perfect and divine that God brought Him back to life. His wounds are no more but His sacrifice will see me through, till end of time.

one day we will meet and I’ll fall to the ground to kiss His mercy feet. He will lift me up and hold my face. In His palms, I’ll see my name engraved.

I’ll look into the kind eyes which saw me from a long time ago. I’ll hear the heart that never stopped.

my Jesus lives.


a year since I quit career. a year since I started writing. a year based solely on His grace.


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