somewhere in between.

Just before morning greeted noon, I said hi to my lord.


as I was preparing the holy communion, I felt myself getting nervous. think this may have been the first time. perhaps it was my thoughts at that moment that made me nervous. they were something along the lines of what was i going to pray, what was I going to tell my lord, what was it I was going to ask, what was it I wanted from him at that moment. I remember hearing myself say I want to pray powerful prayers. Never have I heard myself say that before. Never will I want to say that.

Prayers are prayers. They can be long or short. They can be said on the bus, in the toilet or even at the traffic lights. Conversations with god are prayers. So why would l want to pray powerful prayer? The one l am talking to is mighty and powerful. That is all l need.

So my thoughts made me nervous. I closed my eyes and saw Jesus on that cross. And I started talking. I thanked him. I acknowledged his blessings. I marvelled at his patience and his love. I declared him as my big god who does mighty things. I saw his fullness in my weakness. In his grace-filled name, I declared myself whole and well, strong and righteous.

Powerful prayer or not, I walked away powerful.

I wish I could say my alarm didn’t ring. But it did and I got up to switch it off. Timmy said there is always another day. With such comforting words, I slept till eleven this morning.

Perhaps an evening run should be my aim. Not a six thirty am run.

Thank you Jesus!

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