i am closer than i know.

i turned on my laptop two hours ago to do some online banking and while waiting for the internet to come on, i started looking into my JESUS bank and clicked on this PDF which was downloaded and saved long time ago. when i came to page 7 and realised that there was a video, i paused and wondered if i should watch the video or just get done with what i wanted to do so that i can get going with my weekend which i had already wasted the first half by sleeping and facebooking.

i let my heart take the lead and watched the entire video. it’s now 5.30pm. an hour has gone. what half a day of sleeping and facebooking couldn’t do, an hour with god did.

it’s almost a year ago that i decided that i wanted to do something different. i wanted to do something fulfilling and meaningful. i wanted to live life. and if l ask myself now if i have achieved what i wanted a year ago, i will have to say its work in progress. living life is not something accomplished in a day or a year. it is a lifelong experiment. but surely i will say with a big grin on my face that i am in a happy place with all that jesus has done for me in the past year and as i look forward to the new seasons he has planned for me, i cannot be thankful enough.

i may have forgotten but He hasn’t. i may have given up but He will not. i may have become careless but He cares.

and all i can do is share what i read with you hoping that His grace will be your strength and that you will know in your heart that you are closer than you are.

PDF can be downloaded from here https://www.yousendit.com/download/dkJxU2VnMm03N0R2Wmc9PQ
and video on page 7.


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