fat boy.

I like calling timmy ‘fat boy’ as it best describes him though he will quickly flex his non-existent abs to prove me right as all i will see is three layers of fats.

and one accidental trip to Thomson a few weekends ago brought us to fat boy; a burger joint. good things or at least good food finds happen when we have the car.

since our trip to Thomson many moons ago, a few new eateries have sprang up in the neighborhood. and on that weekend, my fat boy said hello to his kind.


Timmy who had the burger said it was delicious and I had happy yummy breakfast at 10pm! We also had the wings which were really good. Though we both had 3 layers of fats by the time dinner was done, we still managed to cross over for teh tarik and a slow walk!

all thanks to the long good Friday weekend! Praise god!


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