on a sudden day-off.

this is new. not the day-off. but reading in Starbucks. not wanting to waste today by just sleeping, I met sheryl for a quick lunch. and having nothing planned for the rest of the afternoon, I found my way here.

it’s only three in the afternoon but the noises are louder than my heartbeats. i have to keep re-reading the first chapter of this book just so I understand what I’m reading. the book is about a 15 year old boy who runs away from his dad to look for his mum and sister.

just like him, I’m gonna run away from this joint. a book written by a haruki murakami deserves a good reader and this place ain’t gonna allow me to be.

the voices are draining me. it’s making me long for company. but I know being just as loud and noisy ain’t gonna cut it today. today is precious after a straight 2 1/2 months of work. today is about me.

when you have experienced quality self-reflective moments or in my case, months, you tend to miss it. at least I did. knowing and appreciating that I have got work cut out for me for another three months make me wanna treasure today a lot more.

I’m so thankful for the past 2 plus months. the first half of the project is almost finishing without any struggles. sure there were frustrations due to different time zones and different English but god is good and greater than any incompetent person. i have made friends and got money in my wallet but the most important of all, is knowing and experiencing the faithfulness of my daddy god!

so i’m glad that though the outside is noisy and overwhelming, the inside is quiet and calm.

the latte is finishing and I have moved too much in my chair and the book is nicely put away. once I’m done with the last sentence, I’m running away… to find nothing. coz all that I needed today is inside.

jesus, I missed you.

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