new pod of gold.

He works in ways that we will never completely understand. there is really no coincidence when it comes to a life of a believer. everything good is truly made real by daddy god and everything bad he turns it into good for us. he is a good god. he is our heavenly daddy.

i was looking at an email from jobcentral earlier and saw an opening at trinity centre. i googled, spent some time looking at the site, came to a page on sermons where i found many messages and finally listened to a message on being confident of god’s plan for us. while i didn’t apply for the job, i found another pod of gold. three cheers for internet!

though this is my first time listening to a message preached by the pastor and from this church, i wasn’t worried because i knew i can always turn it off. i have been feeding on jesus and his immense love and grace for us and how great our daddy god is for the last two years AND i do not want to listen to anything that will tell me otherwise. right now, i am really hoping that the sermons preached from the pulpit of my church gets on the website so that people can listen to it from where they are. right now, only CDs are available. snippets of some sermons can be watched on youtube but more can be done and should be done. as the child of god, i speak forth in jesus generous name that our sermons get online for free so that the powerful and life/hope/strength giving words of god can spread like wildfire and may the entire earth be on fire!

the essence of the message ‘Being confident of god’s plan for us’ meshed with my reflections:

– god who is our heavenly father made us. He wanted us to be born. He created us in the belly of our mothers. if we are here today, it is because He made us. we are not an accident or a mistake. if we are parent-less, He is our parent; our dad and mum. when our parents think lowly of us, He thinks everything of us. a mother may forget or don’t want to feed her baby but daddy god will not. He who is the possessor of heaven and earth will not forget to feed us. and if He willingly gave up His son for us, why would He withhold from us all the other things.

– our parents are gifts from god. all that we are, were hand-picked by god, and put in us. we may not see the fullness of the goodness of our parents because of the circumstances they were and/or are in. the potential daddy god saw in them may not have come to pass in their lives but this doesn’t mean that we can disrespect and dishonour our parents. this doesn’t mean that our parents were not made in the image of god. we all are made in the image of god. do not start hating your parents just because they are uneducated or poor or angry or selfish people. because before you know it, you may start hating yourself when you start seeing them in you. honour your parents because when you honour your parents, you honour your heavenly parent.

– god has a purpose for each one of us. He has a plan for each one of us. your plan is different to mine. but they are all plans from god. to be able to fulfill the plan and the purpose, He has put in us many gifts so so that the fullness of his goodness comes to bear fruit in our lives. my gifts are different from yours. but they are gifts from daddy god nonetheless. i may not know how to cook but i sure know how to eat. i may have not studied writing or ever get a chance to write for a living but that doesn’t mean i can’t write. so allow daddy god to share with us His purpose and plan for our life and let Him change us as He deem fit so that we can live the good life He had in mind for us, right from the beginning.

search your heart. think about it. talk about it. think about it. search your heart. think about it. talk about it.

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