friday night was my second time dining at this joint tucked away at a corner of arab street. since my first visit in dec, i have been wanting to introduce timmy to the place as i knew he will appreciate and enjoy the tasty food and its reasonable price. after all, it is only 5 mins bus away from where we live. so after timmy had his weekly dose of foot massage, we walked from fu lou shou to oregano’s. my tiny brains cannot remember its address but is it just next to fika.

from what i gathered, they used to be in the east but have made arab street their home now. and you must visit this place for a meal or two. the portions are big and GENEROUS, the food is tasty and fresh and inexpensive. the place was quiet when we were there; it was almost like we were at home dining but with food that is a thousand times better than what timmy and i could have ever prepare in our lifetime.

so i say, blue jazz can wait while you pay oregano’s a visit and taste for yourself the goodness of this place.

these were our goodness on friday night:

one appetizer, two mains, one coffee, one oreo smoothie, glasses of water plus taxes came up to about $50.

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