twenty four seven.

i used to wonder how i could ever be still and read the bible or any form of book on god’s love and grace. i didn’t know if i am capable of spending one hour completely focused on HIS word and HIS presence. but having done that now, i can safely say it is completely effortless and time literally flies in HIS presence. in fact, most of the time, it is not even an hour that i spend with HIM, its little pockets of time throughout the day that i spend in awe of HIM soaking in HIS love. it has come to a point where it is completely natural. HE is a friend whom i talk to everyday all the time now. and i am so thrilled. timmy said this to me last week – you have gone from who is jesus to jesus this jesus that all the time. and this warms my heart all the way to centre of my soul.
i started reading the bible early 2009. i started from the new testament at the encouragement of timmy who felt that the old testament could be dry and perhaps a bit scary. so he got me a lady’s bible that has only the new testament. it took me awhile to get through each gospel but i am very proud to say that i have read the 4 gospels and ACTS. but surprisingly before i started romans which is after ACTS, i felt like i needed to read the old testament. i felt like i needed to know what happened before Jesus came. afterall one of my 3 wishes this year was to know my daddy god a lot more and to have an intimate relationship with HIM. i decided i should start from the beginning. i should start from genesis. afterall everything in the bible is there for a reason and they are there in a specific order for a reason. as a believer, one small thing i could do is to respect the bible, its contents and order. someone once said to me in a very care-less manner that she read the entire bible from front to back and back to front, like a storybook. i didn’t know much then to say anything. but i realise now that we all have own way of reading and understanding the bible but only one type of person walks away completely in love with god after reading HIS words. this person reads with his or heart and let the words sink right into his or her very being. these words are not just words but powerful words that bring a lot of love, hope and strength. and yes this is a storybook that reveals the greatest love of all times. the love of god.
honestly, i was worried when i decided to read the old testament because i didn’t know how i will go about doing it and will i understand what i read. but my fears were unnecessary for i have the holy spirit in me to guide and teach me. and my pastor always refers to both the old and new testaments for his messages and explains them clearly. most importantly, i am reading with a genuine heart that is seeking god and i am reading with a full revelation of who jesus is for me. well the bible does says that for everyone who asks receives and he who seeks find and he who knocks, it will be opened 🙂
the element that really got me all geared up is a book written by my pastor. it is called 100 days of favour. as the name says, it has 100 days of readings, prayers and reflections. pastor encourages us to read it everyday for 100 days and to soak ourselves in the love of our daddy god and find out how it manifests in our lives. amazing book!! while i don’t read it everyday or go according to sequence, everytime i read it, i am completely drenched in god’s love. while i am an organised person, i leave it to my holy spirit to guide me what i could be reading each day. sometimes it is this book followed by bible reading. sometimes, it is listening to a sermon and doing my own reflection. other times, it could just be watching online sermons and bible reading. many times, it is just singing praise and worship songs. there is no winning formula or timetable. only me and god.
and god is awesome and he is real. for those of you who read my post ‘november and december 2010’ would know how those 2 months were for me. and so did my daddy god. and it took HIM only 2 weeks to restore me. i don’t even know why i see it this way because everyday in those two months were completely awesome and very important and dear to me but this is how i see it. i started reading the 100 days of favour book in dec and on the 14th day that i read it which was 27 jan, i had a call from my current employer who had found out from an ex-colleague that i was looking for freelance assignments. my ex-colleague has always been on my msn list but i never thought of informing her of my freelance status. but that day, for some reason, i msn-ed her to ask if her agency was looking for freelance help. the next thing i knew was her ex-employer calling me to ask if i was keen to help them. she said it was right timing but i know its god’s doing. don’t you?
so i am gainfully employed on a three months assignment which will end in april. thereafter, i don’t know where i will be headed to but it doesn’t matter. i am not care-less with my work life. i am trusting my daddy god and believing that HE is guiding me. the bible says in exodus 13:21
isn’t it amazing how gracious and loving daddy god is. HE is our 24 hours, full day and night protection and guidance. HE watches over us day and night. i know it is difficult to fully understand what this means to us and for us especially when we are swarmed in our daily life. but what comes to my mind is a mum and her newborn. imagine the intimate relationship between a mum and her baby and how she cares for him 24/7; day and night; rain or sun. the baby is her priority and is one person she cares about for the rest of her life. the minute the baby cries, she rushes to him to comfort him. feeds him every two to three hours. makes sure he is clean and comfortable. the baby is her pride and joy. she proudly shows him off to her family and friends. she watches his first flip, crawl, walk and hears his first words. everything he does is simply magical to her. amazing and pure love. and this is only the human type of love. take this a thousand or perhaps a million notch up and you get an idea of our heavenly father’s love. HE is with us day and night watching over us, protecting and providing for us. amen and amen!
honestly i don’t know who reads what i write and whether if anyone reads what i write. but if you are reading, i just wanted to say that whatever situation you are in now or ever find yourself in, just close your eyes and imagine god is in front of you and you are taking all that is on your shoulder and placing it on HIS hands and tell HIM that you don’t know what to do and that you are relying on HIM to guide you and believe that HE will guide you. if its your first time or if you just don’t believe in god or if you simply hate god and want to do this, you may need to do it a couple of times or find some quiet place like the toilet to do it. this is not because god needs to hear it many times but because you need to know in your heart what you are doing and the situation you are in needs to know that the mighty god is in control now. oh man i am thrilled to know what happens! i am no expert in how to pray or anything of that sort. this is just what i do and i hope it helps you.
god bless! amen!

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