my lamb.

no thanks to the fact that i refer to JESUS as my lamb way too much on facebook without realizing that many are unaware that HE is our sacrificial lamb on that cross and so the intended message gets misinterpreted and it is hilarious to an extent because it often gets concluded that it has something to do with me and a baby.

while i’m so okay with everyone asking if i am pregnant and/or when i am going to get pregnant; i think it is nice for me to share the baby making plan of mine and timmy’s. yes this is just a humble desire of ours that we have left in the safe and mighty hands of our lovely JESUS whom we believe has the best and the mightiest plan.

the initial plan was to make our baby after our holiday which kept getting postponed and we only made the trip last month (it was an awesome trip!)! so we realized that since the dragon year (2012) is just a few months away, it is perfect for us to have a dragon baby since timmy is one himself. as you should be able to tell, we are not superstitious or anything of that sort; one thing led to another and before we knew it, there is this opportunity and we are grabbing it!so praise god that i will only be pregnant after june 2011. if you think i look pregnant before that, it means i have been fed very well by timmy! Amen.

the baby bonus is up for review and i cant help feeling that my baby is already blessed! Amen! i don’t know in details all the existing bonuses but these are on my wish list which i have bravely placed in the hands of my heavenly father! If you are cool with my list, say Amen because when two or more agree on earth, it shall be done!

– one month paternity leave

– $5000 cash for the first-born which can be withdrawn at any time

– $1500 cash for the mum

– free medical services right from preconception to the first year birthday of the child

– relevant brands such as diapers and milk to come together and provide vouchers that has one year validity

hey, dont mock my list now! when it comes to pass, you know WHO to thank! if having a baby is not on your agenda now, come join me! it will be fun i think! just in the last three months, i have congratulated at least 5 friends who either just had their kid or pregnant. i cant wait to smell my baby! i cant believe that i have gotten here. i’m only 50% ready but this is all i need. for all that i lack, my jesus has them all! Amen 🙂

yes i am also crazy about jesus and that affects people because i cant help but want to share HIS love. strange part is; some get affected just by knowing that i am sharing it with someone else. and it’s not even them i am sharing with. i mean if your heart is dead to the love of my jesus, it is not difficult to shut your ears too coz that is a lot easier than shutting your heart.

think about this; you come across the most delicious lamb chop in singapore and what do you do? tell everyone about it perhaps? when you have such wonderful friends or a fantastic holiday or even a bad day, what do you do? you tell someone. you post a picture. you put it on your facebook status. if you could do all that for a friend, for yourself, WHY CANT I TELL EVERYONE ABOUT MY JESUS? because HE is the real friend and the real food and everyday will be like a holiday when you have HIS love!

of course i know my boundaries and how it feels to be on the receiving side of this news. i was there not too long ago. and if my daddy god doesn’t force, why should i? but i can pray and hope and believe that one day you too will open your heart, just like how i did.

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