are u all ready for christmas?bought all your presents?turkey ordered?booked your facials and spas and manicure?all ready to celebrate the glorious season of love?

i sure hope and pray you are ready for christmas is truly a day of celebrations!

but just before you hit the start of day and night long of celebrations,can i urge you to think about someone?a someone who doesn’t know what a turkey or chicken is.a someone who has never received a present.a someone who may only shower when it rains.a someone who may have never experienced love before.

click here and make a difference – http://www.worldvision.org.sg/giftcatalogue/

it doesn’t matter if you can only afford $15 or $50.just bless with what you can and god will surely take care of the rest.

and as you prepare to bid goodbye to twenty ten and welcome twenty eleven,i hope these words that spoke to me last night will do the same for you:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive -JESUS”

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