thanks to the school holidays,i have loads of company in my little sister.from tuitions to bookshops to makan places to cycling,i have the opportunity to spend quality time with her.

the last two weeks saw us cycling once a week and thanks to the rainy reason,the breeze at 6pm is awesome and refreshing.the dinners after and the bus rides home gave us a lot of time to chit-chat and share.

i am so nervous about her O Levels next year and so afraid thinking that next year this time,she would have completed her exams and there is no turning back.she cannot wish she could have studied harder or more.its done and all she and i can do is wait for the results.i am hoping and praying that she understands that all she needs to do is to want to do well and work hard.neither the best tuition nor the best sister will make a lot of difference,i feel.i think it all starts from the inside,from her and what she wants to do.thanks to be god,i have managed to find good and helpful tutors whom i strongly believe can and will help her and i am leaving it to JESUS to work inside of her.and i know HE is and HE will. 🙂

i am feeling crap right now as i write this as i have just confiscated her netbook.i had to because she just couldn’t stop playing her game.everyday she is on it.4 hours at a stretch.since she still attends tuitions and has homework,i thought it will be nice for her to chill by playing her game and even paid for its subscription but she has abused it by playing too much.since i cant put her in a time-out corner,i have put the netbook in a corner she will never find.

i can imagine her being furious right now.

but i am hoping and praying i am forgiven and we can cycle again next week 🙂

just like how you cycle,all i want for you is to be able to enjoy the breeze of life and live it comfortably and confidently.

and as i was clearing my secret hideout at my mum’s place yesterday,i got the chance to read many letters and cards that i had been blessed with over the last 15 years or so.alot of them had me choking with of them happened to be notes from my second sister.the first note was when she was 13years old wishing me good luck for my O Levels!

thank you 🙂

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