a song is all i need.

i am going through the music list on my iTunes where eighty percent of them belongs to timmy.i laughed my insides out when i realised his taste in music is so very varied and some not quite him.we have the felicity and charmed soundtracks,alanis morrisette,annie lennox,gabrielle,fergie,fatboy slim and then we have the halls & oates,andrea bocelli,crowded house,harry connick junior,norah jones,and the john mayer and josh groban and of course tons of praise and worship songs!and justin timberlake!

how miserable life will be with no sound.no music.

there was a song that kept me going in November.it was everywhere i went.to sleep.to bath.everywhere anytime everyday.it gave me strength and hope.magically,i could go from a low to a high within the first few seconds of the song and always walked away knowing that i am not alone and HE is with me.i felt like HE was cheering me and encouraging me to keep going on and not to give up.and that HE is right here with me.his unfailing love will see me through.

this song was all i needed.


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