are u all ready for christmas?bought all your presents?turkey ordered?booked your facials and spas and manicure?all ready to celebrate the glorious season of love?

i sure hope and pray you are ready for christmas is truly a day of celebrations!

but just before you hit the start of day and night long of celebrations,can i urge you to think about someone?a someone who doesn’t know what a turkey or chicken is.a someone who has never received a present.a someone who may only shower when it rains.a someone who may have never experienced love before.

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it doesn’t matter if you can only afford $15 or $50.just bless with what you can and god will surely take care of the rest.

and as you prepare to bid goodbye to twenty ten and welcome twenty eleven,i hope these words that spoke to me last night will do the same for you:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive -JESUS”


someone’s old …

dress is my new dress!found it in an awesome thrift shop in hongkong!

and its my birthday today!i’m thirty one years old today!but i am still feeling twenty one,just alot wiser and nicer!praise my jesus for that!


this is a 3 year old dress that has seen a better and slimmer side of me!but I’m glad despite being 10kg heavier,I can still fit into it though the back and front parts are tight!the first time I wore this,timmy told me it was a dowdy piece and I could do better!but I didn’t stop wearing it!

i love this piece of mine!so old school,completely lost in time.can’t bear to give it away!


to leverage on the high that i was feeling,i decided to date timmy!he was taken aback by my sms as we both didn’t know what we were celebrating when I text him let’s go out n celebrate.to show him how much I was looking forward to the date,I text him this:

that’s me in a 10year old skirt that has only been worn less than 5x and my fav singlet n belt which are both completely worn out by constant wear.

and we celebrated at an important & special place in our lives:

though i knew the dinner will be too expensive for me to pay,i could not resist going back to fullerton!this year is our third consecutive year back at the hotel though the first two times were definitely a lot grander as we stayed two nights during each of the stay.nonetheless,we still had fun!

on a sudden high…

this morning,i woke up on a high.not sure if it was the two cups of teh tarik i had the night before or was it just.. a feeling!

every morning when i wake up and find timmy not on his side,i call out his name BOBOB!sometimes there ain’t any response coz he is either at work already or not in town.other times,i will hear a soft response coming from the toilet “bobo” and i will almost immediately return to sleep,feeling safe and happy.and then i will be woken up again by his perfume and goodbye kiss.today was such a day and i wished he could stay in and spend the day with me 🙂 i can’t wait for his long holidays!starting next monday,he is gonna be on his reservist which hopefully is super slack and then we have our trip to states!i’m gonna get 24hours with him every day!

his has his review this thursday and i am feeling good for him.for us!

for the first time,i had friends over without cleaning up my place.my place was full of dust,clothes not taken in after drying,bed not made,toilet super gross and the list goes on.ha!i have not even changed my sofa covers and rearrange the living space for xmas!finally,my uni mates visited timmy & i last night over a simple dinner of mee goreng,satay,mutton soup & rojak.though we hardly meet since norein went to KL,the once or twice sessions per year always see us hanging out like good old uni days.

i met norein through my uncle.she was his friend’s ex gf and we were introduced to one another just before we left for canberra as my uncle felt that i would need some taking care of.and i got to know the rest through her – thomas, farah and ezan.i got close to them during my last semester in uni when i did something stupid.in order to save rent money to holiday in tazmania,i bunked in with norein in her tiny room on campus.i think we did that for at least 2 to 3 months before we got caught.then i had to bunk in with ezan for a week or two before i left for sydney to prepare for my exams.and when i came back for exams,i stayed in farah’s room while she was back in singapore.

crazy crazy me!this is just one of the many crazy things i have done in my life.just thinking about it makes me feel like i had a fun crazy life!

and my friend is gonna have a baby!i’m so excited for my friend who is gonna be a fabulous parent!i couldn’t help but kept praying last night for my friend who is anxious abt the pregnancy which is about 2 months old.i was told that i should not say anything just not to jinx it so i can’t say.but i am so excited!

besides timmy,these are the other people i live with 🙂

remembering …..

this was taken at my first birthday!the man in the picture is my tata which means grandpa in Tamil.this Sunday,12 dec,marks his 20th death anniversary.he passed away just days before my 11th birthday.if i close my eyes,i can remember his face and the way he walks.unfortunately,i cant remember his voice.there are a number of memories of him but not enough.i’m trying to remember but it’s not coming to me.but i remember he loved the telephone directory for he used that to pick winning 4D numbers,tea and peanuts.he used to sew his children’s clothes and some of mine.in his last years from what i gather and remember,he became pretty difficult to look after but my grandma did.she was his third wife and the only one who outlived him.

i remember i was in malaysia at an uncle’s place for the school holidays when the phone rang in the afternoon to let us know that he has passed on peacefully.he breathed his last at home with his wife by his side.just the two of them in his last hour.how sweet.how precious.

i remember crying and being very afraid to touch him when i returned home late that night.i remember everyone crying including my dad.death ain’t easy.at that young age,i learnt that death is horrible and gross and hated it.the smell.the tears.the pain.everything about it.

but I’m so blessed to have known him and my grandmother.I’m their favorite grandchild which I say no award or medal can beat.its an honour.a privilege.a something that i will remember for the rest of my life.


thanks to the school holidays,i have loads of company in my little sister.from tuitions to bookshops to makan places to cycling,i have the opportunity to spend quality time with her.

the last two weeks saw us cycling once a week and thanks to the rainy reason,the breeze at 6pm is awesome and refreshing.the dinners after and the bus rides home gave us a lot of time to chit-chat and share.

i am so nervous about her O Levels next year and so afraid thinking that next year this time,she would have completed her exams and there is no turning back.she cannot wish she could have studied harder or more.its done and all she and i can do is wait for the results.i am hoping and praying that she understands that all she needs to do is to want to do well and work hard.neither the best tuition nor the best sister will make a lot of difference,i feel.i think it all starts from the inside,from her and what she wants to do.thanks to be god,i have managed to find good and helpful tutors whom i strongly believe can and will help her and i am leaving it to JESUS to work inside of her.and i know HE is and HE will. 🙂

i am feeling crap right now as i write this as i have just confiscated her netbook.i had to because she just couldn’t stop playing her game.everyday she is on it.4 hours at a stretch.since she still attends tuitions and has homework,i thought it will be nice for her to chill by playing her game and even paid for its subscription but she has abused it by playing too much.since i cant put her in a time-out corner,i have put the netbook in a corner she will never find.

i can imagine her being furious right now.

but i am hoping and praying i am forgiven and we can cycle again next week 🙂

just like how you cycle,all i want for you is to be able to enjoy the breeze of life and live it comfortably and confidently.

and as i was clearing my secret hideout at my mum’s place yesterday,i got the chance to read many letters and cards that i had been blessed with over the last 15 years or so.alot of them had me choking with emotions.one of them happened to be notes from my second sister.the first note was when she was 13years old wishing me good luck for my O Levels!

thank you 🙂