my superman.

two years ago when he went away to KL for a quick get away from work, he came back with a very humble present most of you may think.but it took my breath away and i knew in my heart that he is a stayer.and that he will not quit on me.

a diary with my least favourite colour for cover (green) was my present from his holiday. in it,he wrote his feelings,thoughts and a promise for us.for our future.three pages long.this is,one of the two times,he has written to me excluding sms and conversations.and so precious this is.i carried this diary in my work bag for a very very long time before i stopped and put it away in a safe spot last year when we moved into our place.

on friday for some reason i came across it and once again,i choked with emotions.and i realised how true he had stayed to his words.from the day we met till now,he has truly been a shadow away,never imposing but always encouraging.never failing to tell me how good i am when i fail miserably and how much i mean to him when i am nasty.awesome is this superman.and i know he will always be here for me.

and i thank JESUS for my superman 🙂


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