a little cheer.

i saw the same two BB boys at 11am after church service and at 5pm after serving in the children’s ministry.at their age,they may very well want to be somewhere else than to be stuck at a little corner of suntec city.perhaps they had to be there coz of their CCA.doesnt matter because they looked happy and even answered my questions.and in their own tiny way,the two boys are bringing a little cheer to the less fortunate.

right now,you are not stuck in a little corner at suntec city.and it takes you less than five mins to do something nice right from of the comfort of your home or office or even starbucks.and trust me,its super easy and i know you can afford it.your many Xmas dinner parties,the many presents that are stacked nicely at your Xmas tree,your holidays all cost way more than the hampers that NTUC has put together based on the needs of the less fortunate.

so log on to http://www.fairprice.com.sg and click on the Boys Brigade share a gift banner and bring a little cheer.

do it now please.


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