Gary Vaynerchuk who?

i have no idea who this guy is. found him on by chance. well almost.his topic caught my attention and i clicked on him wanting to know what he had to say.he is hilarious and cocky and i am afraid charming to an extent.he is the kind of mate you would have sat next to in the lecture and wished he will stop going on about the guy in front and what a lousy job he is doing at lecturing.he is the type who is not afraid to dream and his dreams aint small.challenges and changes gets his hormones bubbling.being different and perhaps even breaking rules may have started at an early age.i enjoyed watching him and even laughed and cheered at a few instances.i liked his presentation.his energy.his zest.his spirit.even when he had to use the f word to make a point,i liked it.timmy could not help but peep at my it.should spruce up your monday.

i have mentally made a list of how i would like my son to be.his character.his values.what he should be.what he should not be.i made it on a train ride one day,not too long ago.i am not talking about specifics like he must go university and be a doctor or represent singapore in the olympics or even be the best in is more about the person i hope he will be.the person who will always bring a smile to my face.the person who timmy will proudly say of “this is my beloved whom i am well pleased.”

timmy doesn’t know this mental list of mine.while we have talked about a number of things regarding kids,we never got to this.perhaps it is not time yet.we are pretty far away.

this is my humble list for my dear zachary.

yo yo zach,

i thought about you.many times.even before daddy and i could officially make you.i suspect even before daddy came into my life.there is no reason why i should not coz i knew one day,i will see you.recently,on a train ride,i thought about are not exactly made yet but that doesn’t stop me dreaming,does it?i thought about what kind of boy you will be.i thought about what kind of boy i would like you to be.with every word and image that formed in the tiny little brain of mine,i can only say i cant wait to meet you babe.please never think i am forcing these upon you.i pray that i will never be a forceful parent.these are nothing but just my humble hope.really hoping you see yourself in most of these!ha!

  • eyes like daddy’s.small but very kind.
  • spirit like jesus’s.full of grace,love and generosity.
  • full of strength to carry me.
  • a heart that is after god.
  • a voice that protects and soothes.
  • a curious and adventurous mind.
  • a desire to heal those around you.
  • a thirst for learning.
  • firm but not pushy.
  • confident but not cocky.
  • gentle but not soft.
  • handsome but not heart breaking.
  • mischievous but not naughty.

not that tough is it?one day,we will have starbucks and you can tell me what you think of my list.

love mummy.

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