ride like no other.

a couple of weeks ago, timmy and i had the lovely chance of taking her for a ride.all thanks to a lovely friend.

like the awesome ride,the past one year of our marriage has been grand.sure we did have our downs but the highs are so intoxicating that the downs are not worth looking down at.we are still learning at our new roles and responsibilities but we both know that we are not being graded.which means we slip sometimes and push the boundaries testing each other.but i must admit,its me most of the time.or all the times.ha.like you wouldn’t have guessed.we are both so grateful that jesus is our super glue and HE is doing one hell of a good job at this marriage;gluing us together.always.

i am nervous about the next phase of our marriage.but seeing timmy excited and talking about it all the time,i guess i need to be a woman about it and go with the flow.well,i have about six months to rally my mind and body around it.and a new york trip to encourage me.and JESUS to watch over.and a husband who will not let go of my hands.