nice and lovely.

it was meant to be a simple lunch affair at my grandma’s today.after my glorious sleep,i made my way to her place at noon.lunch was still being prepared so i caught up with the papers.

Sumiko Tan is sleeping in a separate room as her husband needs to be in a 20degrees cold room in order to get a restful sleep while she can’t take the cold,not even the fan.i can imagine how she feels.i never had aircon till i got was really bad during the first few weeks.i got up to stuffy nose and dry throat.but my dear timmy,nice and lovely,increased the temp to 25 and it has remained at that number maybe instead of sleeping in separate rooms,she should get her husband to increase the temp to perhaps 25.i think its worth it as nothing beats feeling the warmth of another being under the blanket in a cold room.

Lee Kuan Yew meditates on “come to me, o lord jesus” every night for peace.and he is not a his recent interview with The New York Times,he reveals that little more about his private life and you really can’t help but feel for him and his must be very miserable to see your love in a state where she can’t speak and bedridden.and he says this is more stressful than his political i always felt,nothing is more important than your family.nothing can break your heart or wreck your mind more than family.we are humans and we are made that way.even the hardest heart softens as the butter melts.

lunch was ready by the time i read the last sentence on today’s papers.nice and lovely.

thanks to my uncle and aunt who were clearing their stuff to make space for the already cramped granny’s place,i inherited some goodies.these are only some:

there is still the cake holder,crystal ware and a tall candle holder that will arrive at my place soon.hee!they have tons of other stuff that they tried convincing me to take but i know better.less is more.there is still another 26 boxes to clear by dec and hmm,maybe there will be more goodies for me.i just need to know when to be present to inherit the nice and lovely.

and i am loving the tiles at my granny’s place.

n her too!

nice and lovely monday.made nicer and lovelier by my dinner – stir-fried brinjal with minced meat.

monday's dinner - brinjal with minced meat

recipe from

i did everything as per the recipe except for:

  • i didn’t soak the brinjal in salt water.couldn’t find a big bowl that could fit all the pieces in.there was no bitter taste despite the no-soaking.
  • i added red chilli and paprika for some spice.
  • i used brown sugar instead of white.
  • i didn’t add the cornflour mixture at the end as i wanted some gravy for the rice.

try one day.its darn easy and nice.

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